Cry Mansion

Our protagonist is a brave dude, who came to save his girlfriend. That sounds good, but it’s not so easy. There are enemies ahead, there may be many zombies ahead, but he fears no one. I’d say let’s keep going until we reach the end. But be warned – there are more mysteries to come. You’ll have to push boxes, guess codes and even play piano. Oh no! I’d rather meet a zombie than face a piano!Our target is not shoot all zombies, but find the exit form night horror and wake up to real world! And one more time – avoid contact with zombie…Features:- There are many rooms in the mansion.- There are many various enemies in the mansion.- Story-driven gameplay experience.- Find weapon and bullets.- Find many clues to open doors and fight with enemies.- A sad main story and A lot of dialogues.- Read the notes and solve the mystery contained in its page.- Easy and functional touch controls.